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Natural Unsulphured Dried Blenheim Apricots

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Our unsulphured Blenheim apricots are organically grown and dried naturally in the sun with NO preservatives or pesticides. As they sun-dry, they become black in color....deep, dark, complex, and delicious.

$11.00 - $30.00

     16 oz. - $11.00
     3 lbs. - $30.00


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I bought so many dried apricots I decided to make jam. Oh my gosh, absolutely delish! I will be buying more of the unsulfured ones because they make a wonderful treat. I cook them all day in my crockpot and sweeten them only with apple or pineapple concentrate. Then I jar them and put them in the freezer. I guess I could do a canning bath but this is easier. ~ Sandy, Indiana

Searched the web for some good home grown (in the US) unsulphured apricots and found these. I ordered 3 lbs in my first order and figured they would last at least 4 weeks. I them all in 2 weeks. They're great and have plenty of potassium. I would recommend them to anyone. ~ Chris

I have been ordering these apricots for 2 years and am pleased with the delicious tart flavor. It is hard to find sulfite free apricots . I keep a small amount in my refrigerator and freeze the rest. ~ Andrea

I just picked up the apricots at my post office. I am so stoked!!! They're all perfect and thanks for the additional 8oz package to even out the shipping. I am so very glad to find a source to get great apricots. It's been YEARS!! since we've had "real" apricots. We can only get "turkish" apricots here....which has no true apricot taste, so I don't buy those. Thank you, thank you. We will surely enjoy them. ~ Nancy, Hawaii

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