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:: Puddles Are BACK!!!

We've found a wonderful chocolatier to help make one of most popular items!  The finest dark chocolate, the gooiest caramel, and the most exquisite apricots make these the incredible treats that they are!  Get yours today!

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Naturally Grown Walnuts

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New studies show people that eat nuts every day live longer, are healthier, and slimmer than those who don't eat nuts much or at all. With that said, here's a little more help to really enjoy these heart-healthy goodies as we have the best premium walnuts around!!

These beauties are very blond & mild, really the best walnuts ever! They are packed fresh each week and have a wonderful "no-bite" buttery flavor. You won't find walnuts like these in the stores. They are kept in cold storage and will hold for an additional six months in the refrigerator.

Naturally grown, but not certified organic. You will love these walnuts!

Please note that due to the higher demand for walnuts this year (lack of rain in California), we've unfortunately had to raise our prices slightly.

**Our walnuts were certified organic until 2005...we've not changed our farming practices, just quit the certifying and paperwork process that goes with organic walnuts.

$11.50 - $78.00

     16 oz. - $11.50
     4.5 lb. DEAL! - $50.00
     Bulk 8 lbs. - BEST DEAL! - $78.00


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The order was shipped promptly and the walnuts are top notch quality, the freshest and most flavorful that I've ever tested, ever! ~ Lisa, Kansas City

My order arrived in perfect condition as always, and I am well into the walnuts. I've been looking forward to these treats for months, and they are worth the wait! ~ Marilyn B.

Just received an order of walnuts. They are fresh tasting and absolutely delicious. Beats any I have bought from other sources. Thanks! ~ Ginny W.

I purchase these walnuts at Campbell Farmer's Market. They are THE BEST I have ever tasted. When they say they are buttery in flavor and not bitter, you better believe them! I no longer purchase walnuts anywhere else. I eat walnuts pretty much every day and hope Apricot King will be around for many years to come! They are indeed the "King" of walnuts!!! ~ Sharon, Campbell, CA

I can only "ditto" what is said by other reviewers. I have completely given up trying to find walnuts anywhere else and just look forward to getting mine in the mail from Apricot King! I give them as gifts, carry them in my pockets as munchies on the hike, and eat them every day with oatmeal . . . thanks, Apricot King! ~ Ann, Libby, Montana

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