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Gourmet Slip Pits (whole apricots)

Item#: GP-16
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These fabulous low sulphur, extra jumbo slip pits are the "Cadillac" of our line! These are large apricots picked ripe and dried whole. After a few days, the pit is gently slipped out, creating the fabulous Gourmet Slip Pit. These are very ripe and each and every one of them is a meal!

Limited supplies available as not every apricot can grow up to be a slip pit!

Keep refrigerated.

$20.00 - $100.00

     16 oz. Premium Slip Pits in Tub - $20.00
     24 oz. Gift Bag - $20.00
     3 lb. Premium Slip Pits in Tub - $55.00
     10 lbs. Bulk - $100.00


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These apricots taste the way all dried apricots should taste. The flavor is intensely delicious and the fruit is beautiful. After having ordered myself a 3 lb tub, I've decided that these will make outstanding gifts - beautiful to look at, wonderful to eat, and healthy for you!. What could be better! ~ MMW, Sonoma, CA

These Slip Pits are the best apricots my husband & I have ever enjoyed. I did not order them for a while because the piece was higher than the other apricots offered, but I finally ordered them and the difference was amazing!! I highly recommend these Slip Pits, you will not be disappointed!! ~ Sheila, Discovery Bay, CA

These are hands down the best dried apricots I've ever eaten. All dried apricots from Apricot King are superior to other brands I've eaten, and Gourmet Slip Pits are the best of the best. Firm, easy to take along, these are truly delicious and nutritious snacks. ~ Christina, Pasadena, CA

My niece from San Francisco gave me a bag of Apricots. It is really "Cadillac" of apricots. So, I will order 2 16oz of tubs. Partha Bhadra ~ Partha Bhadra, Rockville, MD

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