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:: Caramel, Apricots, & Chocolate!

Our delicious Puddles are
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Apricot Puddles

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ApricotKing invented the Puddles in 2007.

We opened each tender apricot, added a "puddle" of caramel inside, and surrounded it all with dark chocolate with a little dab of white chocolate for decoration.

Voila! You have a decadent treat and one of our best sellers. All your vices rolled into one. Truly your next addiction and only available from ApricotKing!

*** Please note that as the temperatures heat up, we will only be shipping chocolates on Mondays and Tuesdays and may only allow a maximum of 2 days for shipping so as to ensure that our delicious chocolates arrive in the best condition. ***

$11.00 - $20.00

     11 oz. Gift Bag - $11.00
     11 oz. Gift Box - $12.50
     16 oz. Gift Bag - $20.00


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I received apricot jelly & these wonderfull pieces of sin !in a Box , with a lovely ribbon For my birthdate from a very good friend of ours,from hollister Ca. and I am Hooked!! The chocolate, its like silk, in every bite , with a perfectly chewy/ dried apricot stuffed with the caramel made in heaVen!!! Their not overboard sweet like other chocolates, their perfect lightly sweetened/tangy, and I will be a Fan for life!! The jelly is awesome!! Over a block of cream cheese and club crackers!! I Love Apricot King!!! ~ Rose Espinoza, Watsonville ca

just bought my first "puddles" today at the Morgan Hill farmer's market. DELICIOUS!!! ~ Kathleen, Morgan Hill

These are an amazing treat! I plan to order some for Christmas gifts for my dark chocolate-loving friends. ~ Jean, Oklahoma

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