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:: Puddles Discontinued

We're sad to announce that we can no longer offer our delicious Puddles. Our chocolatier is no longer taking custom orders.  If any of our loyal customers know of a chocolatier that have a chocolate enrober, please contact us and let us know.

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Low Sugar Fresh Apricot Jam ~ Private Family Reserve

Item#: JS-10
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There is nothing like fresh Blenheim apricots and we've captured that taste in a jam made with very little sugar (the apricots are sweet enough) and pectin. We call this the Family Reserve jam as it is precious to us and we make only 200 cases a year.

Because our jam is made from fresh Blenheim apricots and contains no preservatives, this jam has a very short shelf life and should be eaten within 4 weeks of being opened.


     7 oz. - $6.50


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Less sugar means that the real fruit flavor charges through in all its glory. Perfect for me! ~ altorecorder, NM

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