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:: Puddles Are BACK!!!

We've found a wonderful chocolatier to help make one of most popular items!  The finest dark chocolate, the gooiest caramel, and the most exquisite apricots make these the incredible treats that they are!  Get yours today!

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Apricot Pepper Jam

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For those who like it spicy and sweet, we came up with a jam to go on bagels, over cream cheese, or baked on chicken or pork. It's our delicious jam recipe with dried red chili peppers added. Very popular as a dip or on crackers or toast. It's a warm, not.....a very interesting combination.


     8 oz. - $6.00


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I was introduced to Apricot King apricots while visiting a friend from Moraga, California. Apricot King has a stall at their weekly farmers market. Anyway, my 97 year old father loved choc covered apricots and Trader Joes no longer carried them at Christmas and Neimans was outrageously priced. Tried and everyone loves so much I order 3 or 4 times a year, to include trying the APRICOT PEPPER JAM. This is to die for! I serve it as an appetizer dip with various cheeses. AWESOME! Everyone's favorite seems to be a California string cheese with caraway, but having said that, there is usually not a piece of cheese or bit of jam left. As well, now I use as a little something to bring to a hostess in lieu of the standard bottle of wine. P.S. Did finally part with contact info so some can order themselves. Thank you my friends at Apricot King. ~ Peg, Newport, Rhode Island

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